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  • January 21, 2017

Drill will

April 24, 2016 business No Comments

“WE DON’T care about oil prices,” Muhammad bin Salman, Saudi Arabia’s deputy crown prince, recently told Bloomberg, a news agency: “$30 or $70, they are all the same to us.” Such comments by the man calling the shots in the world’s biggest oil power should …..


Where have all Britain’s shoppers gone?

April 23, 2016 business No Comments

Shopping is the national pastime. High streets, malls and retail parks have long been places people went for a day out, rather than on a mission to buy a particular item, and their spending helped lift the country out of recession. But a big drop …..


Space companies feud over what to do with rockets in ICBM stockpile

April 18, 2016 business No Comments

They were once among the fiercest weapons of the Cold War, capable of delivering nuclear warheads to any place on the planet. But for years the Pentagon’s stockpile of intercontinental ballistic missiles have been living out a peaceful retirement, holstered in underground, climate-controlled bunkers where …..


The Billionaire Who’s Building a Davos of His Own

April 16, 2016 business No Comments

In a wood-paneled conference room in Stanford, Calif., a score of scholars, many of them eminent and some from as far away as Johannesburg and Beijing, gathered last month to compare philosophical notions of hierarchy and equality. The gathering itself had no overt hierarchy, though …..


When an Online Bargain May Only Look Like One

April 13, 2016 business No Comments

Amazon has some unbelievable bargains on its virtual shelves. A cat litter pan with a list price of $2,159 can be yours for a mere $28. A bag of doggy treats, normally $822, is only $8. A windshield wiper blade, which the unwary pay $1,504 …..


IMF says Britain leaving the EU is a significant risk

April 12, 2016 business No Comments

A British vote to leave the EU risks causing severe economic and political damage to Europe and will spill over into to weaken an already febrile world economy, according to the International Monetary Fund. The IMF listed a potential Brexit vote in June’s EU referendum …..


Under Armour Shares Tumble After Spieth Meltdown

business No Comments

Shares of sports apparel maker Under Armour dropped nearly 6 percent on Monday, one day after defending champion Jordan Spieth lost the Masters golf tournament in a shocking meltdown. Spieth last year signed a 10-year agreement to wear the No. 2 U.S. sportswear maker’s golf …..


As Oil Nations Consider a Freeze, Looking for Tensions to Thaw

April 11, 2016 business No Comments

LONDON — When officials from OPEC, Russia and some other oil-producing countries meet this weekend in Doha, Qatar, to discuss freezing petroleum production at current levels, the session’s significance might have more to do with style than substance. The fact is that the two biggest …..


IMF expected to cut growth forecasts in latest outlook

April 10, 2016 business No Comments

The International Monetary Fund will sound a fresh alarm over the state of the global economy this week when it reveals its latest forecasts for growth against the backdrop of slower world trade and jittery financial markets. The expected warning over risks to financial stability …..


Strategies: 7 things to stop doing in your business

April 8, 2016 business No Comments

If you’re like most small business owners, you’ve got a long list of things to do today, this week, this month. You’re overwhelmed. But there are ways to find more time and become more productive in your small business. How? By cutting out seven wasteful activities. …..

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